Thursday, 22 September 2011

RepRap on TV - "Catalyst", September 22 2011

I happened to catch this story, while channel surfing tonight - a good story, well presented! It is available on ABC iView here: ("Catalyst" Series 12 Episode 31 - first broadcast 22 September 2011).
(Screen grab captured off ABC iView - hope I'm not breaching anyone's copyright!)

I'm not sure if the ABC iView service is only available to Australian internet users or if it is available globally. The RepRap story begins at 0'34" and runs through to 8'15".

I confidently predict a sudden upsurge of interest from Australian viewers who will all want to get into RepRap now!

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  1. The above ABC iView link may only be "live" for a couple of weeks, and may only be available to Australian users. Here's a link to an alternative episode download that may be around longer, and / or be available to users from around the world: