Monday, 17 October 2011


Well, I think I have now got to the point where I thoroughly deserve a toast to my success and progress so far - so I downloaded the STL file for the RepRap Teardrop Shot Glass and printed one off - and here it is under construction:

And here's the finished article, still bonded to the Blue Tape print bed:

Separated from the print bed - note the "raft", and the internal "whiskers" where the extruder has jumped across from one side to the other when changing to the next layer:

And after some cleaning up:

No, it's not perfect - but it neither does it look like a 3D spider's web, like my first few prints. The outside layer shows a few "sagging" layers, while the inside surface actually looks pretty good, and both the top face and bottom face of the horizontal shot-glass bottom look pretty tight.


(Wait - what's that I hear? Someone is asking if it's actually watertight, and did I actually get a drink from it? No! It leaks like a sieve! But never mind - it's onwards and upwards from here!)