Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Visual Illusion - balls rolling uphill

 In response to a challenge on the Thingiverse Blog I offer this attempt to design a part which will give the visual illusion of balls rolling uphill.

When viewed from the correct angle, this piece should give the illusion that all 4 ramps slope up to the middle platform. Viewing from any other angle gives the game away!  ( I haven't printed one yet, but I couldn't resist the challenge!)

Find it on the Thingiverse:


  1. I had a go a printing this out. My results can be found on my blog.

    I think that the 'arms' need to be a bit longer to make the illusion more effective.

  2. Thanks for turning my creation into reality, David! Unfortunately, my own RepRap is out of action at the moment, since I blew out my hot end and have to rebuild it (or get a new one).

    I'll see what I can do about making an improved version with longer arms and maybe some guide rails to keep the balls in the tracks.