Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Spectroscopy of EnChroma Cx 15 lenses

I have taken a few spectroscopy images of the white light of a halogen bulb as viewed directly, and through a pair of normal (polarised) brown-tinted sunglasses,  and through the EnChroma Cx 15 lenses.

Here's the direct halogen spectrum,  unfiltered:

(Ignore the streak on the left-hand side -  the interesting bit is the rainbow on the right.) 

This is the spectrum as seen through the normal sunglasses - you can see that they suppress all wavelengths more or less uniformly:

And here's the view through the EnChroma lenses - you can see that they have two very distinct bands where virtually all light is blocked out,  while other wavelengths pass with very little attenuation :

I've also shot a short video showing the effect -  you should have no trouble working out when the normal sunglasses and the EnChroma lenses come between the light and the spectroscope: