Saturday, 20 August 2011

My Parts List: Electronics

I have been having fun with Arduino for my electronics projects for a year or so, so I definitely wanted something that was Arduino-based. I again used the RepRap Wiki and Forums for inspiration, and decided that RAMPS (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield) seemed to have all the features I wanted, using Arduino as the processor and programming environment.

After hunting around for a good price, I ended up buying a kit from an eBayer in the Netherlands called "tijnekind" (their eBay Store is called RepRapWorld) for €99.99 (+ €4.99 P&P to Australia). The kit has to be assembled (conventional soldering only - no surface-mount work), and includes the Arduino Mega and the RAMPS board (version 1.3), with all components required to mount on the RAMPS board, including the Pololu StepStick stepper-motor drivers . (Stepper motors and end-stop switches have to be purchased separately - I'll blog about these in other posts.)  
Still waiting for this item to arrive as I write this (August 20 2011).


  1. My RAMPS kit has FINALLY arrived - yay!

    Now there's nothing holding me back ...

    Apart from lack of time ...

    And lack of talent ...

    And a certain Rugby tournament taking place in New Zealand over the next few weeks! (Go the Wallabies!)

  2. And how is the build going? when can i buy parts from you?

  3. @VV:
    If you read the later posts on this blog, you will get a pretty good idea of my progress!