Wednesday, 13 August 2014

codebender: A web-based IDE for Arduino

Up until very recently, I have been using the default IDE for programming my Arduinos, which you can download from the official Arduino site:

When I bought my MicroView recently , the MicroView website  pointed me towards codebender

This is terrific - your code is stored and compiled "in the cloud", so you can pick up coding and flashing from any internet-connected computer with a suitable browser (e.g. Chrome of Firefox), there's no need to download and install a large IDE (and all the necessary libraries and drivers) every time you want to work from a new computer (just a one-time installation of a small browser plug-in and drivers), and the environment is updated automatically if there's an update available (e.g. new boards and libraries, etc).

Brilliant! Take a look, if you're into Arduino!

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