Thursday, 14 August 2014

Google Cardboard: Very low-cost VR Headset for your Android phone

Have you heard about Google's "Cardboard" DIY VR (Virtual Reality) Headset?

If you have a compatible Android phone, you can build this using the downloadable plans, some cardboard, and a few simple items that you can scrounge or buy cheaply on-line. You can then download the Demo app from the Play Store , or browse the "Chrome Experiments for Cardboard" , and start experimenting with VR. You can even have a go at writing your own VR apps using the Cardboard Developers Kit:

And here's the link to the "Cardboard & VR Developers" Google+ Community:

And if you're not sure about your ability to cut and fold cardboard accurately (Why?! Did you flunk out of Craft 101 in Kindergarten?!) or to find all of the other bits you need, you can buy a complete kit for AU$7 (+ P&P) from Chinavasion:

Very cool!

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