Friday, 29 August 2014

Google Cardboard from Chinavasion - Unboxing

As a follow-up to my earlier post: 

I just got my Google Cardboard kit from Chinavasion – not only is the kit complete with all lenses, magnet and washer, NFC Tag, Velcros, etc, but it came fully pre-assembled with the lenses and other doo-dads already installed – you just need to fold it up and drop the phone in.


About 1 minute later:

The NFC tag appears to be un-programmed, but that's easily fixed with a free NFC-Writer app such as "NFC Writer by Tagstand" - just program the NFC Tag to launch "cardboard://v1.0.0" (without the quotes) and it should launch Cardboard app.

The lenses are fine, and it works a treat with my Nexus 4!